Making Your (Rental) Life A Little Easier

Ironic, isn’t it? The joy and wonder of the holiday season can also bring increasing stress and chaos to our already busy lives. This is just one reason Westwinds strives to provide our tenants the easiest ways possible to help manage their rental properties. One of the best ways is by using the online TENANT […]

731 American Pharaoh Drive

Westwinds Real Estate Project Manager, Mike Hoogerwerf, finished construction on this custom home in Churchill Meadows in May 2019. Hoogerwerf estimates that he has built a couple hundred houses over his career. Hoogerwerf takes care when building new houses to consider the construction of surrounding houses while adding uniqueness to his design. This careful balance […]

4 Essential Steps When Purchasing Property

Purchasing a house is likely the largest transaction you will ever undertake. It is essential that you perform your due diligence prior to investing in a property to ensure a smooth transaction. CHOOSE A LENDER. Do your research. Find an institution that you can trust and a Lender to whom you are comfortable disclosing financial […]

Holiday Safety Tips

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many people will be traveling, leaving their homes and belongings vulnerable to break-ins. Westwinds Real Estate would like to take this opportunity to remind travelers of a few ways to prevent break-ins. According to the online crime mapping provided by the City of Iowa City, there were 500 thefts […]

Meet Teague Case, Investment Manager

When did you start at Westwinds? What do you do? I’ve worked at Westwinds for my whole life. I started by cleaning the office for my dad when my brother and I were very young. I also worked summers for the maintenance department in high school and college and cleaned apartments during turnover. I started […]

Meet Mike Hoogerwerf, Project Manager

How did you get connected with Westwinds and what is it that you do? I was connected with Todd Case (Owner) by a former Westwinds employee. He had interest in expanding the business to include construction and it felt like a good fit. What are your favorite types of projects? I’m most inclined to say […]

How much of a down payment do you need to buy a home?

A common misconception about buying property is that you must come up with a large down payment of 20% or more to be approved for a mortgage. In fact, there are multiple programs available to a buyer to assist them in the purchase of a home. We recommend developing a relationship with a local lender […]

Project Update: 834 Saint Annes Drive

Project Manager, Mike Hoogerwerf, recently completed a new build project at 834 Saint Annes Drive in Iowa City. This is an exciting project because of the thought and detail that went into making this home perfectly suited for the Iowa City market. The Saint Annes property includes high quality craftsmanship and several desired features at […]

Meet Montana Hammonds, Maintenance Manager

When did you start at Westwinds? What do you do? I started at Westwinds September 2016 as the Maintenance Manager. I’m responsible for overseeing our entire Maintenance Department ranging from staff, operations, fleet, and department financials. How did you end up at Westwinds? My background is in sales, management, and logistics. When I heard the […]

Westwinds Real Estate – a proud TRAIL sponsor

Westwinds Real Estate has been volunteering time to TRAIL of Johnson County since 2019, assisting with general yard cleanup and making minor repairs around members’ houses who don’t have the means to make those needed house repairs. Westwinds Real Estate is proud to come along side TRAIL as together we help older adults in our […]

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