According to a article, the minimum credit score needed to be approved for a mortgage is 660. Credit can be difficult to build and easy to destroy, which is why it is important to know what impacts your score. Rental history is one effective way to build credit.

  • Make payments on time. It is easy to forget or procrastinate when it comes to paying bills which leads to poor credit. Auto-payments are a great way to put your mind at ease and ensure that the payment will be made on time every month.
  • Keep credit card debt low. Westwinds allows tenants to pay rent online using a credit or debit card. Using a credit card to pay rent can help build credit if it is managed responsibly.

AppFolio, the property management software employed by Westwinds, partners with Experian’s RentBureau to collect rental payment data for credit scoring. Your timely rental payments are actively improving your credit.
Westwinds makes it convenient to pay rent on time and build your credit in the process!

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